To help lead the way in demonstrating a new way of doing business, a way that focuses on sustainability of the environment and social responsibility.

We believe that financial profits are relatively short term, but social profits can last for many life times…

“Give back more than we take in life” which is one of our core values. We are creating our own charity in 2013 called the Hand Up Foundation which will encourage giving at a time when the world needs to learn to give more than ever…

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Welcome to Sustainable
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Welcome and thank you for taking the time to visit us here at Sustainable Investments Corporation.

Sustainable Investments Group is genuinely focused on investment and ownership in companies that provide products and technologies that are “good for humanity and the environment”.   Our commitment to Social Business demonstrates our long term strategy as an organisation that places true value on people and on the earth in which we all live.

Our Core Values
  •   Give back more than we take in life... 

  •   Provide products and solutions that are good for humanity which don't compromise our planet... 

  •   Act with integrity and compassion above all else... 

  •   Take responsibility, create accountability, demonstrate credibility... 


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